Fast, reliable 24/7 Emergency Service Team for WNY.


If you see dollar signs when you think of heating and air-conditioning services, you’re not alone. We’ll let you in on a little industry secret — when it comes to HVAC companies, bigger isn’t always better. Larger companies will give you an estimate that’s really a flat-rate, guaranteeing money in their pocket regardless of your needs. That sure doesn’t sound like customer service.

“Are you tired of certain unnamed heating companies showing up at your door, spending 5 minutes looking at your furnace and instantly advising that you need a brand new furnace? So are we!”

That’s why the team at HeatSmith started doing things differently. We give customers an honest assessment on labor, parts and efficiency. We strive to keep our low service prices consistent in Western New York, because we want you to be a customer for life — not just because of a seasonal promotion. HeatSmith technicians aren’t paid commission based on how much a service or product costs (i.e. how much $$$ they get from a homeowner). We are bringing back the value of good old-fashioned quality service at reasonable prices.

At HeatSmith, we…

  • Repair or replace any furnace, boiler or air conditioner…with a solution for everyone’s budget
  • Repair or replace any hot water tank
  • Offer 24/7 Immediate Response Emergency Service
  • Address any potential carbon monoxide issues at your home